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Theatre, Science, Social Studies

Bright Star Touring Theatre

About the Artist

Bright Star is a professional touring theatre company that offers over 70 different shows. From Black History to Holidays, from STEM/STEM to Social Emotional Learning, Bright Star has a show perfect for your school! Bright Star has a reputation for being one of the nation's most affordable and well-loved touring theatre companies. We can't wait to work with you!

Fall, Holiday, Winter, Spring, and Summer tours avaliable.  Each tour has three shows. Choose 1, 2, or all 3! Each show is 45 minitues long and includes a short Q&A at the end of the show.

We have 70 different productions suiting a variety of educational goals.  Below are some examples: Vist HERE for more detials. 

Anti-Bullying Skills: Bullysaurus Rex (PK-5), Maximus Mars (3-8), Little Red and the Big Bully Wolf (PK-3), Friend Request (3-8) 

Science/Health: Gus Goes Green: A Planet Earth Adventure (Pre-K-5th), FrankenSTEM (K-5), George Washington Carver & Friends (K-5), Giants of Science (All Ages), Jack's Adventure in Space (PK-6)

Black History: Jackie Robinson (PK-5), Rosa Parks & Friends (K-5), Let It Shine: The American Civil Rights Movement 1955-68 (3-8), Black History Hall of Fame (K-8)

Social Studies: We Can Do It: American Women in History (3-8), Black History Heroes, Soldiers & Spies (3rd - Adult), Freedom Songs (4+), Struggle for Freedom: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (3-Adult)

English Language: Alice in Wonderland (PK-5), Aesop's Fables (PK-5), Treasure Island (All Ages), A Dickens Tale (All Ages), The Wizard of Oz (all ages), The Velveteen Rabbit (K-3), Little Mermaid (All Ages)

21st Century Skills/Critical Thinking: Captain Friendship and the Bully Bandit (PK-5), Friend Request (3-8), Upcycled Cinderella (K-5), Gus Goes Green: A Planet Earth Adventure (K-5)

World History: The Story of Anne Frank (3-Adult), Holidays Around the World (K-8), African Folktales (PK-5)

Grade LevelsK-12
Maximums350 Students, 45 Minutes
Total Fee1 Performance - $1,095 / 2 Performances (same day and same school) - $1,480
School Portion1 performance- $548 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $740

More economical and flexible, but not as much like the "real thing."  Many of our shows are already available as a pre-recorded version. Contact us for a full list. A pre-recorded version of all of our 2021-22 season shows will be created before the start of each of our tours.

Grade LevelsK-12
Maximums40- 45 minutes
Technical Requirements

Vimeo for pre-recorded

Total FeePrerecorded $276 (100 unique viewers) / $386 (500 unique viewers)
School PortionPrerecorded $138 (100 unique viewers) / $193 (500 unique viewers)

These packages are designed to be arts-integrated with your curriculum and are a great way for teachers to learn to use the power of drama alongside their students.  Our in-house theatre education specialists work with your teachers to design the perfect residency to fit your needs. 

MaximumsUp to 350 students for show and workshops for classroom students to fill out the day, 1-5 Days
Total Fee1 Day- $1,495 (1 Performance & workshop); 5-day packages start at $3,995
School Portion1 Day - $499 (1 Performance & workshop); 5-day packages start at $1,332

Hour long workshop where our actor/educators can stick around after their show and share hands-on activities with your staff, students or patrons.  A great way to get your audiences really engaged!  Looking for a specific topic or a longer professional development opportunity for your staff? Just ask! We'd be happy to design lessons perfect for your school.

Maximums35 Students, 1 hour
Total Fee1 Workshop- $386
School Portion$193


  • Amanda Klinikowski, Asheville Community Theatre, 828-254-1320
  • James Heaney, National Park Service, 417-325-4151