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Backtrack Vocals

About the Artist

Backtrack Vocals is a five-person a cappella group based in New York City. The group travels nationwide and takes the stage at performing arts centers, universities, music festivals and corporate events. The group enfuses heart and humor into every performance and their shows have something for everyone. Covering genres from pop to show tunes to Motown and classical, Backtrack transforms familiar tunes with new and unique vocal arrangements. Backtrack got its start on YouTube in 2013, and its channel now has over ten million views and 100,000 subscribers. The group has appeared on NBC, FOX, PBS, Steve Harvey’s daytime show, STEVE!, and Broadway’s Kinky Boots. 


The members of Backtrack are also passionate about arts education. Backtrack has conducted assemblies, workshops and clinics at over 100 schools around the nation. Backtrack aims to educate students about a cappella music while celebrating the power of the human voice and helping students find and develop their own voices. 

Artist Video

Assemblies are the foundation of our programming. We perform a variety of genres including Top 40, show tunes, and original music and tailor each program to the age of the students. Along with high-energy hits, we include fun and interactive portions like an a cappella arranging demonstration, beatbox tutorial and sing-along. Underlying themes of our assembly include creating group harmony (on and off-stage), using music and the voice to express oneself, and appreciation for the music and the performing arts.

Grade LevelsK-12
Special Populations

Music/Choral Students 

Technical Requirements

We travel with our own sound equipment 

Total Fee1 Performance- $2,200 / 2 Performance- $3,850
School Portion1 performance- $1,100 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $1,925

A residency of ours can take many forms, but it will include a combination of performances, workshops, and breakout sessions. Typically, a residency involves performing at multiple schools within a district and conducting workshops and breakout sessions with middle school, high school and older elementary school students. During workshops, Backtrack coaches vocal groups on music they are working on and/or a complimentary Backtrack arrangement (adjusted for age). In breakout sessions we cover solo performance, singing in harmony, beatboxing, audition preparation, music video production, and vocal improvisation. Depending on the number of days we have, we can go into the appropriate amount of depth for each topic. Since there are five members of Backtrack, we can split into small groups and/or work as a large unit. A residency could include a final concert for the school/community where students would have an opportunity to perform with Backtrack. 

Grade LevelsK-12
Maximums50, 3-5 days
Technical Requirements

No technical requirements needed. We travel with our own sound equipment.

Total Fee$2,500 per day
School Portion$834 per day

Backtrack offers several virtual options:

PERFORMANCE - Backtrack performs a variety of music, including pop hits, oldies, show tunes and originals. In addition to singing, Backtrack includes an a cappella arranging demonstration, beatbox tutorial, Q&A section and other fun, interactive bits.

VIRTUAL COACHING - Book Backtrack for a virtual workshop/Q&A! Depending on the interests and needs of your music students, Backtrack is available for a virtual coaching on choral material and/or on specific topics provided by Backtrack. These include but are not limited to: general vocal technique, solo auditioning, filming/recording from home, beatboxing, and musical arranging.

SING WITH BACKTRACK - This is a special opportunity for singers and beatboxers of all ages to learn a Backtrack arrangement, receive live virtual coaching (group and one-on-one), and co-star with Backtrack in a joint MUSIC VIDEO! Song choices include a variety of genres and artists and will be selected based on availability. Join us for a magical, virtual, ensemble experience while learning from the pros!

Grade LevelsK-12
MaximumsUnlimited, 60 minutes
Total Fee$825 per hour
School Portion$413

Backtrack provides workshops and clinics that are tailored for the age and skill level.

Workshop - We work hands-on with with choirs, focusing on both musical and performance elements. We can workshop repertoire the students are currently working on and/or we can provide a complimentary Backtrack arrangement for them to learn prior to our visit.

Clinics - We provide breakout clinics on the following specialized topics: beatboxing, group vocal improvization, choreography, singing a solo/audition tips, DIY music video production and a cappella arranging.

- Beatboxing - Our award-winning beatboxer demonstrates and teaches basic to advanced beatbox techniques.

- Group Vocal Improvisation - This is a simple and fun introduction to a cappella arranging and also teaches students about the importance of listening, going with their musical instincts and not being afraid to put themselves out there.

- Arranging for A Cappella - We demonstrate the process of arranging for a cappella and work with the students to create short arrangements. The intensity of this clinic can be adjusted based on the age/skill level of the students.

- Singing a Solo - We discuss elements that make a successful solo, such as singing with intention, and share tips to help with nerves. Students sing a verse and a chorus of a song and receive feedback.

- DIY Music Video: We discuss the process we use for creating music videos. We discuss the equipment necessary (sometimes just an iPhone will suffice) and the planning and execution steps.

- Acting A Song - We discuss the elements that make for a successful musical theater audition/performance. Students will be given tools to delve into a character’s point of view, turn lyrics into action and find comfortability on the stage.

Grade Levels3-12
Maximums50, 45 minutes
Technical Requirements


Total Fee$550 (with performance only)
School Portion$275