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Atlantic Coast Theatre (A.C.T) For Youth

About the Artist

Orlando, FL based Atlantic Coast Theatre (A.C.T.) For Youth brings quality professional touring theatre to Performing Arts Centers, Schools, Libraries, Museums & Festivals.  Since its inception in 1999, Actor/Educators Don Gruel and Noel Holland have given more than 3000 performances for over 650,000 audience members in 19 U.S. States.  Each school year, A.C.T. For Youth produces multiple touring productions that are both entertaining and educational.

Artist Video

THE TIME MACHINE - H.G. Wells 1895 Science Fiction novel travels to the stage in this “Steampunk” rock  musical. It's  a  S.T.E.A.M. Powered  Performance!

THE FAIRY TALES OF GRIMM - Stories such as THE BREMEN TOWN MUSICIANS, RAPUNZEL, HANSEL AND GRETEL and SNOW WHITE come to the stage in a comical 19th Century theatrical melodrama.

THE PIED BAG-PIPER OF HAMELIN - A Scottish bagpiper is hired to lead away the rats that have invaded Hamelin town. Will the Mayor keep her promise to pay him?

THE ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER - The classic Brothers Grimm story takes the stage as an original musical with new lyrics set to traditional holiday melodies. An Elf must help a poor shoemaker...with the help of the elves in the audience.


Grade LevelsK-8
Maximums350 Students, 45-50 minutes, 3/day
Technical Requirements

A.C.T. For Youth Shows are flexible and can be performed in most any indoor space.  We bring all necessary set, costumes, props, and sound equipment.  To use the complete set, a space of 24 feet wide, by 9 feet tall, by 12 feet deep is needed, however the set can be reduced for smaller spaces.

Total Fee1 performance - $990 / 2 performances (same day and same school) - $1,540 / 3 performances (same day and same school) - $2,146
School Portion1 performance - $495 / 2 performances (same day and same school) - $770 / 3 performances (same day and same school) - $1,073

Our residency weeks begin with a Monday morning A.C.T. For Youth performance, giving the students a starting point from which to build their skills.  Residencies then proceed with daily contact with individual classes (Monday-Thursday) culminating in a Friday showcase for all the residency participants and their families.

STAGE SPORTS - Improvisational theatre taught as a team sport.  Students learn acting techniques and problem solving skills in this fun and exciting residency.  At the end of the residency, student actors participate in the STAGE SPORTS OLYMPICS.

STORY TO THE STAGE - Students begin the week by writing a short play as a class, then learn acting skills to use as they rehearse and perform a staged reading of their work at the end of the week.

MUSICAL THEATRE - Students learn the techniques of performing in Musicals as they rehearse song and dance numbers for an end of Residency showcase.

Grade Levels4-8
Maximums30 Students, 1 hour, 4/day
Technical Requirements

Ideally, a dedicated space (stage or classroom) is provided for our Actor/Educators.  Each class will come to the space for their residency work.

A stage or multi-purpose room is needed for the Friday Showcase.

Total Fee5 day residency - $4,400 *Cost includes 1 performance and up to 4 one-hour classes per day
School Portion5 day residency - $1,467 *Cost includes 1 performance and up to 4 one-hour classes per day

Hands-on workshops are provided in conjunction with an A.C.T. For Youth performance to further enhance students' understanding of the art of theatre.

TOOLS OF THE ACTOR- (Grades K-8)  Students learn the basics of performing through hands-on theatre games. A perfect workshop for schools that have upcoming performances!

PLAYWRITING- (Grades 4-8) Classes write a short play together, learning the structure and steps in the creative writing process. Individual students are left with the skills and encouragement needed to write their own plays.

CUSTOM DESIGNED - (Grades K-8) Actor/Educators will customize a workshop specifically for your students! Tell us what you are working on, and we can make it come to life! Some past workshop topics include: auditioning, movement for theatre, musical theatre,improvisation, stage combat, & conflict/resolution through theatre.

Grade LevelsK-8
Maximums30 Students, 1 hour, 4/day
Technical Requirements

Actors can travel to individual classrooms for workshops. A white-board or chalk-board is needed for Playwriting workshops.

Total Fee$276 (with performance only)
School Portion$138 (with performance only)

Atlantic Coast Theatre (A.C.T.) For Youth presents scenes from their touring production of THE FAIRY TALES OF GRIMM (A Melodrama Play). Play your part as you act along from home in an interactive version of THE BREMENTOWN MUSICIANS, listen to a melodious musical performance of RAPUNZEL, and laugh at a hilarious adaptation of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES. Learn more about Melodrama Theatre with follow-up activities led by A.C.T. For Youth Actor/Educators. A free study guide is also available to download to enhance the fun and education of the show.

The program will allow unlimited views from their classrooms or for students at home for a five day period. This performance includes three stories from our Comic Melodrama and two follow-up Theatre Activities, along with our study guide.  The total run-time is around 42 minutes.

Grade LevelsK-8
MaximumsUnlimited, 42 minutes
Technical Requirements

Technology/ Software  (i.e. Laptop, Zoom, Youtube, etc,)

This performance is hosted on our Youtube Channel, and specific private link is made available to schools, theaters, and libraries who book this Virtual Performance.  We also offer the option of a Live Interactive Follow-up Question & Answer Session / Activity with ACT For Youth Actors.

Total FeeVirtual/Online Program - $276
School PortionVirtual/Online Program - $138