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Theatre, Visual Arts

Artisan Preparatory

Tamla Boone

About the Artist

I have had to privilege to serve children and families for the past 25 years as an Artist. My experience includes collaborations with Private, Public, Montessori, Charter and Home Schools. Science Centers, Historical Sites, Arts and History Centers have also hosted my venues. I’ve travelled by horse and buggy, lived in Civil War Forts, caused explosions and set myself on fire several times all in the name of Passion. I am passionate about teaching students about my crafts, my history and my adventures. My curriculum expands across a broad range of subjects: Visual Art, Music, Dance, storytelling and DRAMA!

Learn About Making Healthy Body Products!   Artisan Preparatory will teach the Art and Science of making healthy-from nature, beauty compounds. The curriculum includes hands-on common folk-art design, a basic history of these beauty products, scientific conclusions and small samples for to take home. Participants will mix, measure and produce an all natural beauty product from the historical recipes and methods of the African American culture.   These sessions may include one of the following themes:  Lye Soap, Salve, Lotion, Bath Bombs and Lip Balm.  We always start a program with Lye Soap and then let the participants choose the next theme as we work through our residency.

Grade LevelsK-12
Maximums30 Students, 45 Minutes, 5/day
Technical Requirements

Art or multipurpose room with sink; no carpet if possible.  Outside classroom is also a possibility.  Students need desk area, chairs.  Artist need access to water, electrical and at least 6 foot table.

Total Fee$595 per day (3 day maximum)
School Portion$198 per day (3 day maximum)


  • Shana Adams, Durham Arts Council, 919-560-2718,
  • Candace Williamson, Park Road Montessori School, 704-219-8066