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Work in Progress

Work in Progress is a temporary public art exhibition gifted to the Fayetteville community through private donors and matched with Arts Council funding.

Special thanks to our donors:

Tony and Joanne Chavonne
Kirk and Jenny deViere
Brian Easley
Tim Edwards and Bill Jordan, Blackwell & Edwards, PA
Danny and Suzanne Hesseltine
Eric Lindstrom and Kennon Jackson
John Malzone, C. John Malzone Marketing, Inc
Dan McGinnis
Eric and Rhonda Nobles
Olde Fayetteville Insurance
Hank and Diane Parfitt, City Center Gallery & Books
Andrew and Tiffany Pennink
Piedmont Natural Gas
Darlene and Mike Ransom
Nate Webster and Rude Awakening Coffee House
Mayon and Mackie Weeks


Artwork in the current in current installation can be enjoyed daily through September 2018.

Curious about the pieces included in the inaugural run of the "Work in Progress" exhibition? Click here for a map of all 11 pieces.

For No Apparent Reason

Paul Hill

301 Hay Street, Arts Council

Tall Trikaya

Rob Lorenson

Rowan and Green Streets


Hanna Jubran

433 Hay Street, City Hall Plaza

Absolute Uncertainty

Paul Hill

Ray and Hay Streets


Jonathan Bowling

325 Franklin Street

Fayetteville Area Transportation & History Museum


Jonathan Bowling

106 Hay Street

Ball and Red Staircase

Adam Walls

Hay and Old Streets


Mark Krucke

Festival Park

Tree of Good and Evil

Charles Pilkey

Maxwell Street, Arts Council

Natural Embrace

Paul Hill

Person Street Plaza

House Portal

Bob Doster

Gillespie and Person Streets


Bob Doster

301 Hay Street, Arts Council


Jonathan Bowling

201 Hay Street

September Winds

Bob Doster

Gillespie Street, Historic Courthouse

Peak Between Trees

Mark Krucke

Hay and Green Streets


Casey Narron

Hay Street Entrance, Airborne & Special Operations Museum