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Artists in Schools

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Music, Info & Technology, Mathematics, Social Studies

Holly's Harps

Hollly's Harps is an award-winning program based in music, math and science, with added history and language arts. Holly serves thousands of students annually in assemblies and workshops (featuring 30 harps for students to...

Music, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies

Hot Horns

Hot Horns is a “New Orleans” inspired Horn Band.  Hot Horns is a vibrant, award winning, internationally acclaimed and entertaining musical ensemble that regularly travels the United States presenting...

Dance, Music, Theatre, English Language Arts, Social Studies

Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta Music

Katherine Dines has performed for audiences of all ages and sizes around the globe since 1992. Featuring traditional and original songs from her 12 national award-winning Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta albums, her performances are highly...

Music, Theatre, Science

Jack Golden

Jack Golden, creator of Garbage is My Bag and Water Water Everywhere, has been a professional variety artist since 1981. He has performed with the world-famous Pickle Family Circus of San Fransisco and...

Visual Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies

Kathryn Gauldin

Kathryn Gauldin has always been entangled with yarns, threads, fabrics and other weavable objects. Heading to college, she studied painting and printmaking, then an intensive study of proper weaving and dyeing techniques....