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Artists in Schools

​New Artists! Click here for full application.*

2017-2018 Returning Artists! Click here for returning artists application and instructions.*

*$20 Application Fee

Deadline - Friday, April 27

This Directory is a tool of the Arts Council's Artist in Schools Grant Program. All programs, fees and other information provided in the Directory apply to and are intended for the sole use of eligible Cumberland County, Fort Bragg and private schools.

For more information, contact Adrienne Trego at

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Music, Literary, Theatre, English Language Arts, Social Studies

EbzB Productions

The nationally touring & award winning production company of EbzB Productions celebrates the profound impact of storytelling through theatre in a repertoire of simple and compelling productions.  Their productions...

Literary, Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Info & Technology

Erik Klaus

A graduate from the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Erik Klaus has been published and worked professionally on various indie projects.  He teaches Saturday classes at the Kubert School as well as to other...

Music, Literary, English Language Arts, Science

Farmer Jason

Farmer Jason is the brainchild of alt-country legend Jason Ringenberg of Jason and The Scorchers. Ringenberg created Farmer Jason in 2003 to entertain his own children. The character’s popularity spread into the concert,...


Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra

The Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra enters its 61th season as one of the oldest symphony orchestras in North Carolina. The Orchestra is dedicated to performing the finest music, from the standard orchestral repertoire to...

Dance, Music, English Language Arts, Health Education, Physical Education, Social Studies, World Languages

Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble

Footworks is renowned for theater, festival, and Arts-In-Education performances. Having toured internationally since 1979, the company is dedicated to teaching youth and recognized for over 37 years in Arts-In-Education....