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Artists in Schools

Applications for Teaching Artists for the 2019-2020 now available!  Deadline is Thursday, May 2, 2019.

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This Directory is a tool of the Arts Council's Artist in Schools Grant Program. All programs, fees and other information provided in the Directory apply to and are intended for the sole use of eligible Cumberland County, Fort Bragg and private schools.

For more information, contact Adrienne Trego at

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Dance, Music, English Language Arts, Health Education, Mathematics, Physical Education, Social Studies

African American Dance Ensemble

The African American Dance Ensemble, or most notably called AADE was founded in 1984 by the incomparable and world renowned Dr. Charles “Chuck” Davis.   We have travelled to Africa and the African Diaspora to learn an...

Music, English Language Arts, Social Studies, World Languages

Alex Weiss & Different Drum

Alex Weiss is a multi-instrumentalist, world traveler and music ambassador.  From the plazas of Peru to the Tea houses in Taiwan, from the shores of Honduras to the Nepali Himalyas, Alex travels with his menagerie of inst...

Dance, Music, Literary, Theatre, English Language Arts, Social Studies

Asian Dance & Theatre

Surapsari, a native of Japan, is an accomplished performing artist specializing in dance, theatre and shadow puppetry from Japan, the Indonesian island of Bali and India. Surapsari has performed in the US, Mexico, Japa...

Theatre, English Language Arts, Info & Technology, Science, Social Studies

Atlantic Coast Theatre (A.C.T) For Youth

Orlando, FL based Atlantic Coast Theatre (A.C.T.) For Youth brings quality professional touring theatre to Performing Arts Centers, Schools, Libraries, Museums & Festivals.  Since its inception in 1999, Actor/Educator...

Music, Literary, English Language Arts

Billy Jonas

A Billy Jonas concert is an explosion of energy! In singalongs, bangalongs, whisperalongs, as well as improvised songs, his primary instrument is the audience. Billy’s original pieces are played on fanciful “industrial...