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Tony Peacok

About the Artist

Tony Peacock has been visiting North Carolina classrooms since 1998. He brings a genuine love of our state and its people to each school he visits. A graduate of Mount Olive College and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his experience as a published newspaper columnist, essayist, short story writer and novelist make for inspiring writing presentations to students. Tony is also a former National Hollerin’ Champion, a skill that he often demonstrates joyfully for deserving residency and workshop participants. His classes have been called “an amazing story of connecting and bonding.”

Tony offers 3-day and 5-day writing residency programs. These residencies involve working with the same students each day and generally focus on narrative writing. However, each program is specifically designed to emphasize grade-level curriculum goals and objectives being studied at the time. Tony works closely with classroom teachers to plan residencies that encourage the development of each student’s voice. He uses planning strategies and sensory image exercises to teach a writing process that builds self-esteem and promotes the sharing of stories.

Grade Levels3-5
Maximums35, 60 minutes, 4/day
Technical Requirements

Normal classroom. Copies as needed.

Total Fee3 days- $1,125 / 5 days- $1,600
School Portion3 days- $375 / 5 days- $534

Tony offers writing workshops by the day that are fun as well as educational. He motivates students to think about and experience the power of self-expression through the written word. Tony uses a variety of visualization techniques when teaching. In order to maximize student interest, he incorporates the art of storytelling, music and/or hands-on exercises into each writing workshop.

Grade Levels3-5
Maximums60 minutes, 4/day
Technical Requirements

Normal classroom. Copies as needed.

Total Fee$440
School Portion$220


  • MaLinda Turnage, Meadow Elementary School, 919-894-4226
  • Brenda Jones, Lacy Elementary School, 919-881-4920