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Music, Science, Social Studies

Roger Day

About the Artist

Roger Day is a name synonymous with zany, infectious fun for children of all ages. Roger performs original, completely interactive, high-energy family and children’s music earning him awards from Parents’ Choice, the National Association of Parenting Publications and Parenting Magazine’s “Parenting Pick.”

Roger Day’s concerts all feature high energy, interactive original songs. INVINCIBLE! empowers young superheroes to solve the problem and save the day with the greatest super powers of all – reading & imagination!  In DREAM BIG! students are encouraged to be creative and imaginative while working to fulfill their dreams.  GET YOUR BRAIN IN GEAR  and MARSH MUD MADNESS support your science curriculum by teaching facts on learning and brain science and on sea marshes and ecology. MARSH MADNESS takes students on a musical journey up & down the Atlantic seacoast, knee deep in squishy, oozy marsh mud and marveling at loggerhead turtles, ghost crabs & other cool coastal residents.

Grade LevelsK-5
Maximums400 Students, 50 minutes, 3/day
Technical Requirements

Electrical outlet, if sound is needed powered speaker with 4 channel board

Total Fee1 performance- $716 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $1,320
School Portion1 performance- $358 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $660

“First Idea to Finished Song” –  a workshop for 3rd-5th grade students in the basics of the whole language approach to composing, including concepts such as first ideas, webbing, editing, the creative sparks for completion. The group will compose a song together in a step by step process that students can use with their own writing. Roger also conducts workshops on teaching skills and content of a preschool through 2nd grade curriculum using the music he has composed and his study guide materials.

Grade Levels3-5
Maximums25 Students , 60 minutes, 3/day
Technical Requirements

Blackboard or newsprint, chalk or marker, access to electricity

Total Fee$276 (with performance only)
School Portion$138 (with performance only)