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Martha Connerton / Kinetic Works

About the Artist

Martha Connerton/Kinetic Works, is a multifaceted dance company that performs in schools, concert venues and non-traditional spaces such as museums, community centers and outdoor street performances. KINETYX Dance Ensemble is a four member group that tours exclusively to schools. Kinetic Works is on the Touring Artist rosters for North and South Carolina, Raleigh-Wake, Fayetteville/Cumberland and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Arts councils. We serve over 25,000 students annually. 

Active learning Performances teach Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies through dance. Each year we offer two options from the above for grades K-12. Four Dancers plus spokesperson.

Grade LevelsK-12
Maximums400 Students, 60 minutes, 3/day
Technical Requirements

Multi room, 2 microphones, outlets, clean stage/performance space, restroom/changing  area.

Total Fee1 performance- $1,266 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $2,306
School Portion1 performance- $633 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $1,018

Curriculum Integration Residencies are designed around NC standards in Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Dance. The Schools can choose a grade level and curriculum content. Students learn core curriculum concepts while also learning about dance, choreography, and creative movement skills. They will work as a whole class, inividually and in groups. Teacher participation is required. One or two week residencies available.

Grade LevelsK-12
Maximums25 students, 45-55 minutes, 5/day
Technical Requirements

Room free of furniture.

Total Fee5 days, 4 classes or 4 day, 5 classes - $1,550 / 5 days, 6 classes - $1,750
School Portion5 days, 4 classes or 4 day, 5 classes - $517 / 5 days, 6 classes - $584

Teacher In-Service workshops for classroom teachers and special area teachers develop ideas for teaching creatively through the arts. The two- or three-hour session begins with structured activities conducted by Martha Connerton. The group discusses curricular tie ins, then breaks into smaller groups to brainstorm ideas for new activities. Each activity is tried out on the whole group. A final discussion clarifies goals for implementing new ideas in the classroom.


Grade LevelsTeacher/Staff
Maximums25 Students , 2-4 hours, 2/day
Technical Requirements

Room free of furniture, two tables and several chairs, outlets.

Total Fee2 hour workshop - $550 / 4 hour workshop - $880 / Workshop with Residency- $386
School Portion2 hour workshop - $275 / 4 hour workshop $440 / Workshop with Residency- $193



Martha Connerton Kinetic Works Website