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Dance, Music, Theatre

The Healing Force

About the Artist

The Healing Force has made words of welcome one of their most popular themes. Recognized by many for their ability to weave African and African-inspired vocal and instrumental music with storytelling with a message, this family has entertained and educated audiences of all ages to the sounds of traditional African instruments, for over 25 years. They have performed in schools, universities, libraries, and many community venues throughout the country, including the National Storytelling Festival, LEAF festival, and Bay Area Festival.

These lively performances begin with everyone singing, and end with everyone JAMMING!

The Turtle and the Eagles- Turtle learns to appreciate himself. Grades K-8.

Teaching Baby Crab to Walk- What you do speaks louder than what you say. Grades K-3.

The Ant Story- Ant learns the power of “I can.” Grades Pre-K thru 2.

Yaya- A boy from Mali learns the true meaning of listening. Grades 3-8.

Guinea & Rabbit Get Justice- Hard work pays off! Grades 3-8.

Jemakina- Once you tell a secret... Grades 3-8.

Grade LevelsK-8
MaximumsUnlimited Students, 60 minutes, 2/day
Technical Requirements

5 chairs, dressing area, spring water for 4 people

Total Fee1 performance- $1,210 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $1,980
School Portion1 performance- $605 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $990

Faces of Africa: A Cultural Journey (7)  is a three-day residency designed to supplement the seventh grade curriculum. Each class visits a “live” exhibit, the center of which is the drum circle. The exhibit includes pictures of real people from four of the countries from which the drums originated (Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast); information (flags, population, land area, languages, ethnic groups, etc.); and artifacts which include carvings, masks, instruments, fabrics, beads, baskets and gourds. After a 30 minute “treasure hunt” in the exhibit, the class sits down for 30 minutes in the circle, where each student will have a hands-on drumming experience! On the third day, The Healing Force performs The Rhythm of the Drum.

Faces of Africa (K-5)  for elementary school is a variation of Faces of Africa: A Cultural Journey. During this 3-day residency, students visit a large exhibit which is arranged in nine stations (which include baskets, carvings, toys, pictures, instruments with a hands-on section, fabrics and jewelry from all over Africa). With treasure hunt sheets in hand, students find many interesting items in this exhibit and get a social studies grade for filling out their sheets. At the same time, a drum circle is being conducted in another section of the school so all students are fully immersed in culture for two days. On the third day, The Healing Force preforms The Rhythm of the Drum for the entire student body.

Grade LevelsK-7
Maximums30 Students, 45 minutes, 4/day
Technical Requirements

2 large separate spaces to accommodate large exhibit (gym works fine) and drum circles at 30 students/session; 6 or 7 large tables in exhibit area; access to areas the day before for set-up; chairs for drum circle

Total Fee3 day residency - $2,700
School Portion3 day residency - $900


  • Renee Halpin, Stoneville Elementary School, 336-573-4000
  • Brenda Russell, Chowan Arts Council, 252-482-8005