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Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra

About the Artist

The Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra enters its 61th season as one of the oldest symphony orchestras in North Carolina. The Orchestra is dedicated to performing the finest music, from the standard orchestral repertoire to popular favorites. Individual members of the orchestra have performed nationally and internationally before presidents of the U.S. and international dignataries, and taught hundreds of children at all levels. 

Instrumentalists introduce students to a variety of instruments including the reed, brass and stringed instruments of the orchestra. Call the symphony (910) 433-4690 to discuss and select a program. Based on need, fees may be negotiable. Workshops and Master Classes are also available.

Grade LevelsK-12
MaximumsNo Maximum Number of Students, 45-60 minutes
Technical Requirements

One chair for each performer

Total Fee$126 per contact hour per person
School Portion$63 per contact hour per person



Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra