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Music, Literary, Social Studies

Farmer Jason

Jason Ringenberg

About the Artist

Farmer Jason is the brainchild of alt-country legend Jason Ringenberg of Jason and The Scorchers. Ringenberg created Farmer Jason in 2003 to entertain his own children. The character’s popularity spread into the concert, record and TV world, winning a 2009 Emmy Award. His interactive family shows involve sing-a-long songs, dancing and discussions of farm life, nature appreciation and ecology.

Educational concerts offer themes of ecology, conservation, recycling, farming and farm animals, the diversity of the forest, outdoor life, exercise and history. Original songs teach subtle lessons while introducing children to a surprisingly complex musical ecosystem. 

NATURE JAMS! 3rd-5th; or K-5th; Interactive concert inspiring kids to appreciate & enjoy the wonders of nature. A musical journey through forests & wetlands. Featuring songs from Farmer Jason’s internationally acclaimed CDs.

FARM & FOREST: K-2nd; Songs about farm life & animals from farms and forests.  Interactive, encourages students to get physically and mentally involved in their outdoor world.  Songs introduced with a short fun lesson about the song’s subject. 

Grade LevelsK-5
Maximums400 Students, 50 minutes, 3/day
Technical Requirements

Access to electrical outlet; at least 12' x 12' performance space.

Total Fee1 performance- $660 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $1,100
School Portion1 performance- $330 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $550

Working together as a group to create a song and understand basics of songwriting: story development & structure. Well-known catchy tunes illustrate, increase students’ appreciation of music heard every day & gives a basic understanding and experience of lyrical writing. Students become aware of the musical qualities in any kind of writing by learning what alliteration, rhyme, and rhythm are and how to listen and look for them, and how the sound of words can affect the feel of a story or poem or how a certain musical chord can affect a song.

Grade Levels3-5
Maximums30 Students, 50-60 minutes, 4/day
Technical Requirements

Blackboard or newsprint with easel, chalk or marker, access to electricity.

Total Fee$276 (with performance only or multiple on same day)
School Portion$138 (with performance only or multiple on same day)