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Literary, Visual Arts

Erik Klaus

About the Artist

A graduate from the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Erik Klaus has been published and worked professionally on various indie projects.  He teaches Saturday classes at the Kubert School as well as to other schools to talk and draw. Erik live drawings at festivals and conventions and is a regular sketch artist at Zapp Comics. 

The purpose of this program is to educate and inspire the next generation of visual storytellers and encourage art in general.  Comic Books and Manga are everywhere, but what does it take to make one?  Using a hybrid method of talking and live drawing, Erik will illustrate some of the basics of drawing comic book art and will discuss some of the best ways to create comics today.   

Things like anatomy, construction, perspective, panel layout and page flow will be addressed.  Superheroes will be drawn and fun will be had. Keeping a daily sketchbook and drawing from life will be stressed.  Imagination and exaggeration in art will be encouraged.  Erik will talk about some of the different traditional methods and materials that can be used for drawing comics (as well as their current digital alternatives) and will demonstrate how to use those methods and materials when possible.   

Younger age groups will have a stronger emphasis on basic drawing.  Older age groups will have more emphasis on visual narrative and sequential storytelling. 

Grade Levels1-12
Maximums30 Students, 45-60 minutes
Technical Requirements

Easel and/or whiteboard

Total Fee1 workshop- $220 / 2 workshops (same day and same school)- $330
School Portion1 workshop- $110 / 2 workshops (same day and same school)- $165