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Dance, Health Education, Physical Education, Social Studies

Core Performance Company

About the Artist

Core Performance Company, in its 37th year as a professional contemporary dance company, has extensive experience with students, elders and populations-in-isolation.  Under Artistic Director Sue Schroeder, Core has developed programs that accommodate varying numbers of participants and all levels of movement experience, ages, abilities and needs.  Ask about Curriculum tie-ins, Assessments and Arts Integration Trainings.  We require schools to partner for five-day engagements. Contact Core to help us design your ideal residency.

Life Interrupted (Grades 9-12) is a rich mix of dance, art and music that draws from experiences of Japanese-American citizens who were interned in America during WW II. Includes study guide and post-performance discussion.

Heart of the Matter (Grades 3-4) uses dance to encourage both healthy eating and the healthy expression of feelings to overcome childhood obesity and eating disorders.  Includes participation and discussion.  

Loco Motion (Grades K-5) teaches “Movement in the Language of Dance.”  An interactive event exploring action and descriptive words (verbs and adverbs) with humor, grace and audience participation.

Moving Ovations (Grades 6-12) introduces the art of contemporary dance using works by three contemporary women choreographers and Corazon Abierto, a celebration of Mayan culture.

Grade LevelsK-12
Maximums250 Students, 90 minutes, 3/day
Technical Requirements

25' x 25' stage or large space, high quality CD player and microphone

Total Fee1 performance- $1,320 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $1,650
School Portion1 performance- $660 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $825

Life Interrupted: (Grades 9-12) See Assembly Performance.  Enthusiastic student discussions have ranged from movement and dance to post-war emigration, xenophobia and the politics of “the other”. A vivid experience.

Heart of the Matter: (Grades 3-4) See Assembly Performance. HOM is interactive through verbal, movement and writing exercises and addresses not only the body image but the resulting stress, peer pressure and bullying that can accompany eating disorders.  

Moving Ovations: (Grades 6-12) See Assembly Performance. Incorporates lecture/demonstration designed to introduce students to the art of contemporary dance.

Grade Levels3-12
Maximums25 Students, 45-90 minutes, 2/day
Technical Requirements

25' x 25' stage or large space, high quality CD player and microphone

Total Fee5 day residency - $4,500
School Portion5 day residency - 1,500

Movement Classes: (Grades K-12) Through single class or multi-day workshops, company members teach dance technique, creative movement, choreography, improvisation, stretching and conditioning.

Moving Connections: (Grades K-12) These workshops or classes integrate dance and one or more additional art forms including mask-making, simple percussion and musical instrument making and more. 

Children’s Programs: (Grades K-7) Especially designed for children in grades K-7, these 40-50 minute programs use dance to express timely topics for children. Topics may include protecting our planet Earth, animals as our friends and ambassadors, the history of dance or how to create the art of dance. 

Grade LevelsK-12
Maximums25 Students , 45-90 minutes, 4/day
Technical Requirements

25' x 25' stage or large space, high quality CD player and microphone. Classroom may be sufficient 

Total Fee$274 (with performance only)
School Portion$137 (with performance only)