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Music, Literary, Theatre, World Languages

Bright Star Touring Theatre

About the Artist

Bright Star is a professional touring theatre company that offers almost 60 different shows. Each show addresses curricular content such as literacy, STEM/STEAM, history, and character education topics like Anti-Bullying and diversity. With 2000+ performances this year alone, Bright Star has a reputation for being one of the nation's most affordable and well-loved touring theatre companies. We offer block booking rates, and discounts for schools booking shows together. 

We have 59 different productions suiting a variety of educational goals. View a complete listing at Below are some examples:

Anti-Bullying Skills: Bullysaurus Rex (Pre-K-5), Maximus Mars (3-8)

Science/Health: Professor Parsnip's Lab of Healthy Choices (Pre-K-5th), FrankenSTEM (K-5)

Black History: Jackie Robinson (Pre-K-5), Let Freedom Ring (3-Adult)

Social Studies: American Tales and Tunes (K-5), Holiday Songs: Music Around the World (K-5)

English Language: Write On: A Literacy Adventure (1-6), A Tell-Tale Tale: The Stories and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe (4-8)

21st Century Skills/Critial Thinking: Chicken Little: The Sky is Falling (Pre-K-5), Choices: The Game Show of Life (3-12)

World History: The Story of Anne Frank (3-Adult)

Grade LevelsK-12
Maximums375 Students, 45 minutes, 5/day
Total Fee1 performance- $876 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $1,096
School Portion1 performance- $438 / 2 performances (same day and same school)- $548

Bright Star's residencies are customizable based on the needs and desires of the sponsor. A typical residency is an all-inclusive camp including games, activities and lessons designed to teach all aspects of live theatre! Students will learn about improv, acting, directing, writing and production. The main attraction is typically a final performance of scenes that students have created with the guidance of our instructors. Usually friends and family are invited to attend! 

Grade Levels2-8
Maximums35 Students, 3-6 hours, 1/day
Total Fee5 day residency - $3,500
School Portion5-day residency - $1,167

Bright Star is able to do workshops preceding or following performances. Workshops are customizable based on the needs and desires of the sponsor. Subjects can include, but are not limited to, improvisation, character development, movement, basic acting and explorative group games and exercises.

Grade LevelsK-8
Maximums35 Students, 30-60 minutes, 3/day
Total Fee$276 (with performance only)
School Portion$138 (with performance only)


  • Chanda Calentine, Asheville Community Theatre, 828-254-1320
  • James Heaney, National Park Service, 417-325-4151